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Eliminate Snoring & Enjoy Your Best Sleep Ever With Snore Slayer Premium Mouth Tape.

  • Stop Snoring
  • Eliminate Dry Mouth & Bad Breath
  • Enjoy Restful Sleep for You & Your Partner
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Maxine M
Five Star

I use these in combination with my CPAP machine so I don't have to wear the whole face mask, and these work FANTASTIC! They are even a little bigger than the brand name ones I have been using, so I would HIGHLY recommend these!!

- Maxine M

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Five Star

Of the half dozen tapes I've tried, this one is easily the best. The material has elasticity and, if stretched during application, will actually help hold your mouth closed rather than simply covering it. The adhesion is strong and the material breathable, like good surgical tape, and I've yet to wake up with it out of place. Clean shaven or with facial hair.

- MC Patrick

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MC Patrick

Reduce/Eliminate Snoring

By keeping the mouth closed and encouraging nose breathing, mouth tape can significantly reduce or eliminate snoring, benefiting both the user and their sleep partner

Better Overall Health

Improved sleep quality and oxygenation during the night can lead to better overall health, including improved cognitive function, mood, and energy levels during the day

Oral Health Benefits

Mouth tape helps prevent dry mouth during sleep, which can reduce the risk of a host of oral hygiene issues including oral bacteria growth, tooth decay, and bad breath

Improved Breathing Efficiency

Mouth tape encourages nasal breathing, which is more efficient and can lead to better oxygen absorption, reduced snoring, and deeper, more restful sleep

Ryan T
Five Star

So, I gave the Snore Slayer Brand Tape Strips a shot, and I've gotta say, they really live up to the hype! These things are like the superheroes of anti-snoring tapes – big, strong, and surprisingly comfy. The adhesive is top-notch, keeping the tape securely in place all night long. What I love most is how they don't cramp your style – easy breathing and no annoying discomfort. If you're on a mission to silence those snores, these Snore Slayer Tape Strips are the real deal for a blissful night's sleep. Totally worth it!

- Ryan T

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Five Star

These stick so well! My family says I even stopped snoring and they can finally get some rest! Will purchase again.

- Raven V

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Raven V
Five Star

I’m a mouth breather and suffer from dry mouth and sore throat. I sleep alone so I’m not positive about my snoring but I can tell you that this mouth tape is a game changer in my sleep and my oral health.

- O.S.M

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Five Star

These tapes stick much better than the others, plus they are bigger and way more comfortable. My snoring is nearly silent. Finally my wife is getting a great night’s sleep!

- Joel M

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